Here and There

Sapporo Beer (Leeche flavor).
Here is a small timeline of what I did on my weekend. On Friday I celebrated with my husband at Kabuki, he has finished his training and I finished another long week of work. On Saturday we went to watch some movies, watched Alysium, The Millers and Two Guns. I like all three of them but I loved Alysium, action, futuristic worlds, friendships, and noble causes. After a long day of fun we headed to Cheesecake Factory for some dinner and desert. Sunday was relaxing at The farmers market at The Grove and enjoying a good old Philly cheese stake sandwich. Hope you all had as much fun as I did, till next week!

Yay I got something !

Ontario City

Driving from Ontario, Sun was coming down.

Tuxedo cheesecake and Dulce de Leche, YUMMY!

Famers Market

Shops at The Grove

Fountain at the grove

Lovely litle area

Happy Sunday
Philly cheese steak and cherry pop